Friday, October 07, 2005

African Coins top all pieced!

Hoorah!!! The top is done!!! I know all those exclamation marks make me seem like an 8 year old, but believe me, I am EXCITED. I think it looks great. I also took some photos of the back, which is also pieced, but the photos are so bad I won't post them.

What's tomorrow? Quilting day!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

All cut up!!

I did it!! I got up the nerve to cut apart that big, beautiful piece of stripped fabrics. Here it is, all laid out on the family room floor. I need to cut the black sashing that goes between all the strips and also the black border. (Don't worry about that one backwards black square in the geometric piecing -- I will fix it!)

Been thinking about the binding, too. I was trying to decide which fabric would look best, and was thinking that I would have to wait to audition it, and then I had a brilliant idea! I will piece together strips of many (probably not all) the fabrics to make a multi-colored binding. Sound good? Let me know!