Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Name & Chicago & Stars

It's been a long time ... so sorry! I kept thinking I would be back to reading and writing blogs any day, but it didn't happen until today. I have done a lot of Linus stuff -- my friend Bunny came over and helped me find backings for quite a few quilts, which she took off to finish. And last week I put together batting and backing for 16 quilts! It feels great to have those gone to quilters.

And as for my own quilting, I made my name for Lazy Gal Tonya. Since I like to work with hot colors, I used a chili pepper fabric for my name as a little visual pun. Still have to trim and piece them together, that won't take long. They'll be in the mail soon!
And I pieced yet another I Spy -- the final one for my nieces and nephews. This one has a checkerboard inner border and I was so pleased that the size of the checks worked with the size of the blocks -- the corners meet just right!
In my last post I mentioned that stars kept popping out of the tumbling blocks, but many of you commented that you couldn't see the stars. Maybe the following photos will help. This is "Tumbling Blocks with Emerging Stars" from The New Work of Our Hands. Each side of the tumbling block could be a point for a star, and each star point could be a side of a tumbling block.
And here's a close up:
I went to the Chicago Quilt Show a week ago. I just loved it! There were lots of vendors, lots of quilts, but I'll just show two for now. First, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wonky log cabin in the midst of quilts with more standard patterns.

And this quilt is a stunning rendition of the Museum of Canadian Civilization in Canada. My DH has family in Ottawa, just across the river from this museum, so we have visited it a few times. It's a gorgeous building, and the quilt captures its mood quite nicely.

That's a quick catch up. I will be visiting you all in blogland!