Friday, December 04, 2009

Here and gone!

This is the month of travels -- 3 trips between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'm off tomorrow but realized today that I haven't posted since my return from New York. It was a totally cool trip. I got to meet Victoria of Bumble Beans, see both my daughters, and spend the holiday with my husband's family. I love New York, love it, love it. So exciting and inspirational!
I took waaaay too many photos to post, so I'll keep this one more or less quilty. I couldn't get a photo to show this well, but at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I saw these 3 little drinking vessels from the 2nd or 3rd century. They say,
"Avete!", "Misce!" and "Reple!"
-- meaning "Cheers!", "Mix another drink!" and "Fill it up!" How cute is that, especially decorated with all those dots? I think I'll put those words on a quilt, with grapes and wine bottles and such (and maybe a few dots). Too much fun! Makes all those years I studied Latin worthwhile. :)
And what's this? Looks like some primitive geometric design, laid out like a tablerunner. Think on it a second, and I'll show you the inspiration further down. Meanwhile, look at this:
Doesn't it look like a quilt? It's the ceiling of a Korean restaurant where we had dinner one night.
And that tablerunner design -- it's the sign (with reflection) from the Museum of Modern Art!
What a great museum! Wonderful stuff inside, but everything about its design is impressive. I loved the bridges and staircases:
And since I'm keeping this post quilty, there was a quilt on display at the MoMA!
Well, it wasn't displayed as a quilt, but the quilt is part of a piece called "Bed" by Robert Rauschenberg, and shows his own (they think) quilt, sheet and pillow, splashed with paint.

And finally, this is nice and geometric and could easily become a quilt design, but I was so annoyed to see a square pile of yellow bricks on display as art! I find it insulting.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!