Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All those Linus quilts

Here we all are with our Linus quilts! The guild is going to send the photo (hopefully with a little cropping first) to the magazine that published the pattern. It was so much fun to make the quilt!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Val's Quilt is DONE!!

And here it is!! I can't believe it! Tomorrow I will call the quilter and will have it all done by the time Val gets home for spring break. Hoorah!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Val's quilt - almost there

Hoorah! The two side borders are on Val's quilt! I have most of the top and bottom borders already pieced. As soon as the piecing is complete, I'll attach those final two borders and be DONE. A professional quilter will do the actual quilting. This quilt isn't going to look good with stitch in the ditch, and I can't do anything else.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Autumn bargello fabrics

Here are the fabrics for my autumn bargello that I'm making in my Quilt University class. It was interesting to me that while I think of autumn as my favorite season, I don't work in autumn colors on my quilts. But I do like this color run. The fabric running along the center is my fracture fabric, a tiny strip of which will run between all the other colors. Right now it looks like a tree, which is good -- I was thinking autumn tree when I put it together. I am going to try to structure the bargello to keep the look of trees. I ran the idea by Ruth Blanchet, my instructor, and she came up with a good way to do that. I'll give it a try and post my results!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's the summer bargello I made for my Quilt University class. It looks like summer to me! This time the bargello matches at the seams (the spring one was staggered), making it harder to put together.

I haven't chosen a border for my spring bargello yet, but I'm considering a pencil thin, peach border next to the summer bargello, with a bigger purple border. I'll do "broderie perse" with the flower fabric on the border, letting some of the flowers come onto the bargello. (Broderie perse is Persian embroidery, where you applique a design that is cut from a fabric.) Here's a closeup (blurry, sorry) of a section of the bargello so you can see the fabrics. The flowers are all cut up in the bargello, but I'd like them in the border because they're pretty. I'm also posting a photo of the flower fabric.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spring Bargello

I'm taking an online course at Quilt University called Bargello Seasons. It's great! We're making a different type of bargello for each of the four seasons. Here's my first. Some of the colors are from the fat quarter packet I received when I joined the guild, and then I supplemented with other fabrics. I have my summer color run, but haven't started sewing on it yet.

Check out Quilt University if you haven't seen the site yet. There are lots of great classes taught by world class teachers. It's terrific!

Do You See What I See?

I was one of 12 people in a Project Linus swap. We were given the same pattern and border fabrics, but then we each bought 5 fabrics and cut strips of them for 12 people, giving us each 60 fabrics to work with for the quilt squares. We also supplemented a bit from our stash. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you will have a better idea of some of the cute fabrics in this quilt. I'm in the process of quilting it right now. Thursday night we are all bringing our quilts to the guild meeting and will have our photo taken to send to the magazine that printed the pattern. The quilts will be donated to Project Linus. They are so cute! It was really fun to make. Jocelyn did most of the cutting and some stitching, and both JJ and Val helped with the layout.

Val's quilt top pieced!

At last! It took me awhile to get up the nerve to stitch the blocks together, but it worked. I still have to add the pieced border, which needs to be laid out on paper first. I am hiring a professional quilter to do the quilting. Goal: Have it back, all quilted, so I can give it to Val over spring break.