Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One more audition

I did make it to my LQS and got some of the white with black squiggle fabric -- it's the reverse of the one I showed yesterday. I added some red strips this time so it would be easy to imagine the inner red border.
I think I prefer this to the predominantly black one just because it's lighter and brighter. Comments welcome! And thanks so much to those of you who commented yesterday. It's really helpful to hear what everyone thinks. I've learned a lot when other bloggers post their auditions, too.

Several people have asked me how my foot is doing. It's great! Yesterday was my last post-surgery doctor's appointment and I got confirmation that things have healed very well. I can now walk fairly briskly for an hour at a time and don't limp at all until near the end. Soon even that should disappear! Thanks for all your encouragement and concern.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Auditioning borders

I finished piecing the "back" of Otto's quilt (which is now really the front). Somehow I was off in my measurements in a couple places and so in the spirit of this quilt, I simply whacked some edges. It took me a few days to get up the courage, but in the end I think it's ok. I had planned on red borders, but I don't have enough red fabric and I can't get more. My first thought was yellow -- bright and cheery, and there's yellow in the blocks. But when I tried it, I wasn't too crazy about it. It just looks stuck on.
I neglected to add the red inner border and red binding when I took the yellow border photo (they are on the right side in the photo below), but I think it needs an inner border.
My memory was that this fabric was white with black squiggles, but it's just the opposite. I think I prefer it to the yellow, but I know the quilt shop has the white with black fabric, and I think I'd prefer that to either of these -- it would be brighter than this one, and fit the design on the quilt better than the yellow. Right now the top is just lying on the fabric, but I think I'd have the stripes going the long way across the top and bottom, just like they are now on the sides. The side borders will be bigger than the top and bottom ones.

Any thoughts? All help greatly appreciated!