Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jocelyn's MoMA quilt

I am waaaay behind in my posts! The kids are home for winter break and have taken to quilting. In her first two days home, Jocelyn made this quilt! Over Thanksgiving we were in New York and saw a painting at MoMA that looked like it would translate easily to a quilt. Jocelyn wasted no time in doing it. The painting is by Ellsworth Kelly, Colors for a Large Wall. Check it out on MoMA's website, where they have conveniently made it into an ecard.

We currently have the local Project Linus stash in our basement, and amazingly Jocelyn found almost all the colors among the donated fabrics. We purchased a couple colors. She's donating the quilt to Linus. They get lots of quilts for babies, not too many for teenagers, and we think an artistically inclined teen might really like this one.

By the way, Jocelyn's blocks match up PERFECTLY. No one would ever guess this was anyone's first attempt at quilting!

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Harsha said...

nice ecard...looks good..