Sunday, June 11, 2006

Block of the Month

I like to have a plan when I start a project. I may change the plan as I go (I always seem to!), but I do have a general idea of what the quilt will be about. Mystery quilts are not for me! However, I decided to try the guild's block of the month to help me get away from that. I knew they would all be stars, and I bought a background fabric that I liked and that would coordinate with lots of fabric I have leftover from other projects. Each month we get a new star pattern and make one block of it, along with two smaller star blocks in the same fabrics. At the end we'll get some instructions for assembling them all into a quilt. This is the first month's block.

Here is the second month's star with the two baby stars. I was less sure about the fabric choice here -- not all batiks, like the other block. Still not sure what I think!

And here's block 3. I decided I wanted some warmer and brighter colors, and I love the design in the middle of the block (oops -- haven't posted Brian's quilt yet -- these are the same fabrics). Alas, despite careful measuring, I somehow did not cut the centers correctly for the two baby stars. I centered the design in one direction, but not the other. I was so annoyed that I didn't iron the finished blocks, as I think you can tell from the photo! I may well redo them with correct centers, but I wasn't in the mood right then.

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Laurel S Holman said...

Okay, wow! What happened? For ages, you didn't update your blog, so I stopped checking regularly, and now all of a sudden I check and it appears I've missed a whole lot! You've been VERY busy! Do you quilt all day every day? How do you get so much done?! I'm totally impressed, and so amazed that you only just started quilting a year ago. Look how far you've come!!!