Friday, December 19, 2008

Bad blogger

Yes, that would be me. Bad blogger! I got behind in posting and blog reading, and then it seemed I was so far behind that catching up seemed overwhelming. Eek! Sorry. I got all my holiday gifts sent off yesterday, so today and tomorrow I will catch up on blogs. I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season!

I made two fleece blankets as gifts, but the recipients don't read my blog so I can post photos now. I made these envelope style because fringed edges seem more appropriate for children than for adults.
These are easy to make -- it just takes willingness to crawl around the floor to square up the fleece and pin the layers together. The time at the machine is very short. I love how they feel!
I received a wonderful gift from my swap partner, Marianne of Les p'tits gluons. She sent a cute fabric bag (you can see I started putting Christmas cards in there), some absolutely adorable fabric -- clearly, she looked at my blog and discovered what I like. There's also a needle case (I didn't have one), a yummy French chocolate bar, and a handmade gingerbread card. Thank you so much, Marianne!
The head of our local Project Linus chapter sent a photo of what almost 800 blankets looks like. Wow! And they had to mail all them, individually, to the children they were made for (children whose mothers are in prison). It was quite an undertaking. Fortunately, she has a very large family room.
We had an ice storm during the night. They are beautiful -- every tiny twig and blade of grass is coated with a layer of ice...
...but they are deadly. This hemlock in our yard is bent over with the weight of the ice; normally it's quite a bit taller than the yew trees you see behind it.
Fortunately, the trunk didn't snap and the tree has now regained almost its full height as the ice is melting.

Two other quick things before I head to the dentist to have a crown and a bridge put in (yuk!):

Binding tutorial -- I haven't forgotten, I just haven't made it yet.

Digital photos -- David Pogue, who writes the Circuits column in the New York Times, has a neat entry this week about taking digital photographs. Click here to check it out!


The Quilting Pirate said...

me too...bad blogger it seems! I blame my faults to the holidays which I'm not prepared for and done with---YAH!!

I saw you are about to get LOTS more snow and ice today, hoping for the best.

800 blankets...wowsers!! What a great organization you have!

Vicki W said...

The Linus quilts look so impressive all together and your ice pic is beautiful. I love the beauty of an ice storm but they always being some bad with them as well.

Exuberant Color said...

wow, almost 800 blankets, AND a family room large enought to house them! I hope you met the quota for the kids and I'm sure they will love them.

We got the ice/snow mix and I doubt I will be able to get the ice off my driveway before the polar blast on Sunday (single digits).

Libby said...

Whoa that is definitely an impressive pile of blankets...or piles, I should say. Wow.

No doubt it's better to be caught up on Christmas gifts than on blogging. Those blankets look delightfully soft and cuddly.

jacquie said...

i'm behind too...over 500 posts in my reader. aren't people busy sewing? love the fleece blankets as gifts. i made one for my son too. 800 a great cause!

Clare said...

I don't think it's obligatory to blog every day. After all if you did what would you talk about? I love the colours of the fleece in the second photo. Very William Morris design.

Hedgehod Jen was telling us about ice strosm - they sound very scarery.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

800 quilts? that's quite the undertaking, but so generous of you all. love the ice photo and enjoyed the article on digital photography. love to hear from you whenever - don't stress about it.

Catherine said...

The 800 quilts are an amazing sight! Impressive!
Guess you're digging out today after yesterday's storm. The ice-covered branches look so pretty.

jocelyn said...

I like the fleece blankets - who are they for? (I won't tell). I'm glad the tree didn't break in the storm. It's time you moved to California. :)

Carol E. said...

Blogging should be fun; that's the only "should" rule about blogging! Impressive pile of 800 quilts! Wow! And shipping each one individually? That is true love! A big pat on the back to all of you.

ROZ said...

I don't know which is more lovely, the tree in the snow, or all of those warm donated quilts! What a glorious project. Happy Holidays

sewkalico said...

You have such great fleece over there! The blankets you sent my boys get so much use - thank you again.

It is wonderful to think that 800 kids will be cared about by Linus this Christmas - what amazing ladies in your organisation.

Great ice photos - brrr! Ours is all gone :-)

jillytacy said...

Wow, that's a lot of blankets! What a wonderful way to spread love and cheer!
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