Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was just pulling out our Thanksgiving leaves from years past because we read them aloud every year. When the kids were little, we'd each write something we were thankful for on a leaf to put on a tree, or sometimes we'd put feathers on a turkey. We wanted them to realize that they had a lot to be thankful for.
And what were they thankful for? Well, one leaf says:
"I'm thankful for scotch tape. It's sticky and it sticks to my fingers."
And there's a feather that says
"I'm thankful for no more world wars ... yet anyway."
They're a little more sophisticated now (!!), but they are still appreciative of things, and I am very thankful for them!
Ah, these nicely stacked boxes belie all the work -- and the huge mess!-- that went into filling them. I sorted and cut about 1 bazillion squares the last few days. They're from the Linus stash and we need to turn them into quilts.
Someone donated a pile of pre-cut solids that are just gorgeous, but there aren't enough for a quilt. So I pulled some other solids and sketched a layout. This one will be beautiful!
I got a little of my own stuff done, too -- cut my blue strata into squares (so hard to do -- I loved the big blue strata). They are much less impressive now, but they should look good again when reassembled with some other stuff. I hope so!
And what's this? At my guild's quilt show, I won a raffle! Twelve quilted placemats, one for each month of the year. Wow! They're just terrific, I love having them.

Some exciting news for the next few days -- tomorrow I get to meet another quilt blogger, and this week I see my grown-up kids!

A very
Happy Thanksgiving
to each and every one of you!


Beena said...

That's a great idea, adding the reasons kids are thankful to the turkey feathers/leaves.

And it really does look like a bazillion squares you have all cut up! My rotary cutter hurts just thinking about how long that must have taken! (wink)

Congrats on your raffle win! How wonderful!

Grannyspot said...

We did the leaf-thing with our kids, too - wish I'd saved them! What a treasure to have from year to year! We also did the toe-in-the stocking thing - when we put away the Christmas decorations, each kid wrote a hope for the new year and stuck it in the toe of his/her stocking to retrieve the following year when we pulled out the holiday decorations once again. I didn't save those, either! Would that I had... It would be fun to look back on!

True Blue Nana said...

I too have saved things from when my kids were young although we never did the leaf idea. I like your blue strata, it must have been hard to cut them up. Wow what a great raffle win.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your win! What a great raffle idea! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

LC said...

Nice prize. We had Thanksgiving last month (Canada), but it is good to be thankful every day! May your Thanksgiving Day be a special time with your family!

Mrs Moen said...

I probably would have saved all those thankful-ness feathers and leaves; such wonderful memories!
Lucky you winning all those placemats - great idea for a raffle prize.

Magpie Sue said...

Lucky you to win that big basket of goodies!

I'm going to tell my daughter about the good ideas here for feathers and leaves and notes in the socks of toes - she's the one with the young childre now ;- )

Nines said...

How kewl is that? Love the thankful idea.

Cathi said...

What a fabulous win at your quilt raffle! Hope you have had/are having a lovely Thanksgiving.

em's scrapbag said...

Good things going on at your house. Congrats on winning the raffle. You sure scored big!!!