Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Our guild has a block of the month project (more on that soon) and I've been making the blocks each time. They are all star blocks, and the stars use the "quick corners" method, which involves stitching small squares over larger ones and cutting off the excess fabric. That leaves you with lots of triangle pairs. I threw them away (regretfully) after the first block because I didn't know what else to do with them. With the second block I chain pieced the triangle pairs together and set them aside. I finished the third block yesterday and decided to open and trim the pairs for both blocks. Then I tried seeing what I could do with them. I did the pinwheels and square-in-a-square blocks, and then decided to just play. Here's what happened first:

I loved the long lines that were forming, and thought how cool it would be if I had more blocks and mixed the colors up! But I kept playing, and what fun. Here's the next thing that I rather liked:

As I do more blocks and get more triangles, the designs should get really interesting! Now I'm as excited about my throw-away blocks as I am about the real things!

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