Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Raggedy Quilt

Last fall Debbi, the chair of our Project Linus committee, was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the wonderful way that guilds work, everyone immediately contributed flannel squares to make her a quilt and Marilyn N. designed the quilt. Several of us got together and stitched it up in just a few hours. This photo shows the back of the quilt. The other side looks exactly the same, but has raw flannel edges sticking up around each square. We fringed all those edges and washed the quilt, making the edges soft and raggedy. If you've never seen a rag quilt, here's a website that has photos of several: click here I'm very pleased to report that Debbi has finished her treatments and is doing well!


Lucy said...

I love this quilt . It looks very cozy and the setting is great ! A good idea.

Lucy said...

Hi cheri, I tries to mail you back but you have a "no reply " I post it here

Thank you for your comment Cheri ! It is so fun to have a blog. through this I meet as lot of quilters over the whole world!