Sunday, December 17, 2006

Frances' Quilt

Finally, now that I have sent Frances her quilt, I can put up a post about it! Here's the quilt after the quilter returned it but before I put on the binding. (The photos of the bound quilt did not come out so well. The binding is the same color as the dark purple border - just pretend the white batting around the edges isn't there.)

You may remember seeing the pattern in an earlier post. The fabrics here are different, though also with a somewhat Asian flair, and so the quilting is different. I sent this out to be quilted and what a beautiful job Connie Lightle did again! She did the quilting on Val's quilt, too. Look at the details:

Connie does such a fabulous job, but I do feel like I'm cheating. I do all the fabric selection, all the cutting and piecing, and then the quilt is transformed by her quilting!

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