Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Design fun

Project Linus has been taking most of my quilting time the last few weeks -- most of time in general, in fact! But I do enjoy it. Putting together kits from donated fabric really pushes me to be creative. While I'm making quilts for those who need them, I'm also improving my skills. Today I had a great time with this panel:

(Sorry about the angle of the photos, but I didn't have a way to hang this.) I think it's adorable, and it was donated along with a fabric panel of a world map that I planned to put as the back of this quilt. But the map is bigger than the panel, so I had to add to the panel to make it large enough. I rooted around our donated stash and found some fabulous fabric that really picked up the colors of the quilt:

The problem was that there wasn't a lot of this fabric, and I wasn't sure I could get enough to make big enough borders. Plus, if that was all I used, the borders at the top and bottom would end up much bigger than at the sides in order to make the panel fit with the map backing. So clearly I needed something else, but what? I finally hit on adding a row of 4 patches out of blue and yellow to the top and bottom. Alas, the width didn't come out evenly for a simple measure, and I didn't want to futz with odd measurements, so I decided to put green strips between the four patches and then put larger green blocks on the ends:

Well, OK, but it made the top and bottom a little heavy on the greens and blues. So why not add a strip of the red border fabric?
Yes! That worked! And the measurements were good enough that all four borders would be the same size and I would have enough fabric -- hoorah! Looks pretty cute, no?

So this "kit" ended up being a pieced top. I can't let myself get that involved with all the quilts, but every now and then it is very rewarding to come up with a quilt from the fabric on hand. This is hardly a great design feat, but it was fun, and I'm learning!

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