Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Mountain majesties"

Oh, beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountains' majesty
Above the fruited plain.

We all know the words -- or sort of know the words. How many people get the "purple mountains' majesty" part correct, with all the right plurals and possessives? I grimaced when I saw the title on the block lotto directions, but I know I am more particular than most when it comes to orthographical niceties. Fortunately, Google is uninterested in the apostrophe and I was able to find out more about this block online.

In any case, I made this block as part of our monthly block lotto at the guild. I like it okay, although I doubt I would ever make a quilt based on this block, but I was intrigued by the construction. You make two half-square triangles, cut them apart in strips, and stitch them back together. I was intrigued enough to look for layout possibilities online. Quiltville, one of my favorite sites, has instructions and some very intriguing designs using this block. Click here to take a look. By the way, this is all prelude to my next post, coming soon, about tesselations and symmetry.

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