Monday, March 19, 2007

Quilts everywhere!

Again, behind in my posts. The problem is with iPhoto -- I have it waaay too full, so it takes forever to download photos, edit them, and get them to the desktop for uploading to Blogger. I need to move photos out of iPhoto and just use it for downloading and editing, but that will be such a long task that I haven't I keep adding photos...making it a bigger task when I do get around to it. But I have now moved several photos to the desktop and will get a few posts done soon. Here's a picture taken in my family room.

The pile of quilts on the chair is donated Linus quilts that I brought home from guild the other night (you can see them on the Hearts for Linus blog, link to the right). On the couch back are two Linus quilts I contributed to making. The quilt on the bottom normally resides in the family room -- it's the first quilt I ever made, which goes with nothing and is too small and has too big a border, but I like it anyway.

Below is my design wall (sorry, I forgot to rotate the photo and there's no way I'm going back into iPhoto to do it!). The green strips are Laurel's I Spy and other is a table topper I made in my Quilt University class. I haven't decided whether to join the red and yellow triangle borders to it or just be done, so I'm leaving it up to look at it both ways. I don't much like the piece, but I learned a lot making it.

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