Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cookie cutters

I started collecting cookie cutters in the 1970's. For a few years I was semi-serious about it, but later I realized that I didn't make cookies that often. I just can't eat cookies all the time and I didn't want my kids to grow up feeling deprived unless they had a cookie. But I did love the cookie cutters!

Eventually I pruned my collection, but I still have quite a few cookie cutters. They came in handy on Make A Blanket Day (Feb. 17). A snow storm prevented me from attending the Big Event in Forsyth, so I decided to spend the day putting together one of the Linus kits the guild has (and which I store in my sewing room). This one had lots of cute fabrics, but there were also several solid, pale peach squares that forced you to look at them and really detracted from the quilt. I wish I had taken a photo so you could see that. So after the entire quilt had been assembled, I decided I just had to do something. I found one applique pattern in a magazine (the flower with the center) and then wham! Suddenly I remembered my cookie cutters. They were the perfect size to use as templates. I traced them onto fusible web and made some appliques. It's definitely easier to applique the squares before assembling the quilt, but this wasn't too bad.

It's a cute top and I think the appliques add that extra something special.

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