Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chicago Quilt Show 2007 - part 1

Yesterday I took the guild bus up to the Chicago Quilt Show. Wow! Such fun -- vendors galore and absolutely amazing quilts. I loved it!

There were some very clear "No Photos" signs on some of the exhibits, but others seemed to allow photos. People were taking them everywhere, even in the no photo area (shame on them). Sometimes I wasn't certain whether or not I could take a photo, so I didn't, and now I'm thinking I probably could have. Ah, well, I got photos of a few great quilts which I will share with you. I also photographed the sign with the title and quilter's note.

I really liked Brenda Smith's Wildfire! quilt. It works for me in lots of ways. First, the overall look and color grabbed my attention, and it was very "quilty" -- put together out of colored squares. I loved the straight lines of the trunks and the contrast of the leafy trees. Her color use, from the cool blues to hot yellows and reds, really spoke of the fire's effect. Hope you can get all that from the photo!

Helen Knott's Low Tide really took me in. When you see it, you feel drawn back into the mist. I felt like I could look at the quilt for a long time and not tire of it. I love the inner border frame, how it frames and yet does not limit the design. Do click on the photo to see the quilt in more detail.

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kitten_mc said...

Them are way cool! I started a quilt last year, but haven't finished it. One of these days I'll find time to sit and enjoy the joy of making my own. My hubby's grandmother makes them all the time and I use to help her when we 1st got married. That was the whole reason I got my sewing machine, but haven't had time. Hopefully once we get our house remodeled (gosh has it took so long so far) I'll have more time and room.
Thanks for sharing!
(Katie Mc-Mississippi)