Monday, August 13, 2007


I've wanted to see the Parthenon since I was in grade school. I had a sense of its space, how it would feel to walk through it, what it would be like to breathe the air and feel the sun of Athens. Sadly, today the Parthenon is roped off and the Acropolis is such a mass of tourists (of which I was one) that it's hard to appreciate it. Maybe it would be better in the winter. Athens is also a huge city that grew with no plan, and except for its ancient sites, there is little to recommend it. I was so disappointed. But not too far away are the ruins of ancient Corinth. It's not much, but they are not crowded and there is a lovely little museum with some wonderful mosaics from the old city. I was bowled over by the beauty of some of these. Look at this intricate design.

Here's a closeup of the center.
Some of the borders are intricate patterns. The colors in this one surprised me, and they are used in such a way as to give the design a sense of depth.

The twisted border below is really something -- look how they handled the corner.
There was also some pottery in the museum. I wish I had this pitcher and fish plate!

This pottery is simpler, but the designs are lovely. I especially like the lid in the foreground.
I loved the animals in their art. Look at this lion.
And these mythical creatures.
Here's a close-up of a goat from one of the border pictures above. I was amazed at how life-like it seems even though it's a mosaic. It seems almost painted.

And finally, here's what's left of the Temple of Apollo at Corinth. And take a look at that blue, blue sky. And amazingly, no tourists blocked my view!


JoAnna said...

I love mosaics and have been considering a career as a tile-layer. They are like quilts in stone!

I was just watching a show on Roman technology and they talked about what a marvel the Parthenon was. How sad that you can't go in it. After living in DC, I have a lot of contempt for tourists. But I am never a tourist...I'm a traveler. A subtle, but important distinction. :)

Rebel said...

I saw similar mosaic floors when I visited Arles, France. They were amazing, so beautiful!

Shelina said...

Thanks for letting us travel with you. These are gorgeous pictures, and how wonderful that you get a chance to see all those in person!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Your blog has been so much fun to read!! You have a gift in your photo and quilting eye. I can see the quilty-ness in your pics of the sights in each city. Amzaing!

diva of quilts said...

Hi Cheri,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I made the spools of thread quilt earlier this year. You can read more about it here:

I love those photos. Thanks for sharing. Early next year I'm taking a Bella Bella workshop which teaches how to piece something like the first mosaic. It would be really neat to put some kind of picture in the center like that.

Marisa said...

These pictures are so inspirational. YOu could make a really nice quilt out of these soft colors...