Friday, March 21, 2008

I'd like to reply to you, but ...

I was on blogger for about a year before I learned that my settings were "no-reply." At one point I left a comment on a blog (a rarity for me in those days) and the blogger went to all sorts of lengths to figure out how to contact me. What a sweetie she was! And she told me how to change my settings to make it easy for her to reply.

Lately I've wanted to reply to people who left comments with specific questions, or just to respond in general, but was unable to because the comments were left by people who were anonymous with no email or who had their blog settings at no-reply. For those of you who don't know what your settings are but have noticed no one ever replies to you, you can easily change your set-up. Recently Paula the Quilter posted instructions on how to fix your settings to enable replies (and thanks, Quilting Pirate, for finding that link for me!).

For those of you who hesitate to comment, please don't! I feel like I missed out on quite a bit by lurking all that time. There's a wonderful online community waiting for you to join!

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Norma said...

What fun quilts! I do like your letters and that you have rethought them so much. Quilting does not just happen for me and it is nice to see someone journey in the same light.

Congratulations on your retirement! DH has until July but is holding off making the commitment for a while. It is time but a scary thing.