Monday, October 06, 2008

New computer!

Hoorah! I apologize for not blogging, or reading blogs, for over 3 weeks. My old computer had become a real pain. My photo storage was overloaded and difficult to handle, and the blogger-photo interaction was crazy. Every day I could see fewer and fewer photos on other people's blogs -- really frustrating. But my new computer moves so fast I can hardly believe it! :)

To catch up a bit:
I pieced together the fungly blocks (and have enough blocks now for another fungly top). The blocks were made by attendees at a Project Linus worknight.
The front/back or Otto's top is done and it's ready for quilting. I am so disappointed that I forgot, completely forgot, to put on the narrow inner red border! But I'm not taking this border off to do it. I got so many comments on which outer border to use -- thank you! I ended up going with this one just because it was brighter, which I think is good for a baby.
Kate at Kate's Quilting sent me backings and embellishments for several ATC's. I had never made one and wanted to try. It was really fun! Her background reminded me of streamers at a party, so I decided to add a glass of bubbly and title it "Celebrate" -- but it got a little crooked. That made me change the title to "Tipsy" and put the bubbles trailing out behind. I think it was an accident that worked out better than the original plan. Thanks, Kate, for inspiring me to try something a little artsy!
There has been a lot going on with Project Linus for me lately. This is Make A Blanket Day for the Central Illinois Chapter in late September. Wow -- 700 blankets turned in/completed/made that day! Really impressive. The women in charge of organizing this were absolutely amazing.
I also took a couple classes at the Red Cross to get CPR, AED, and First Aid certification. They had this quilt hanging in the training room. I love the story behind it. One little girl and her friends made the quilt at her birthday party and donated it to the Red Cross. I hope that eventually it gets donated to someone in need after a tornado or other local disaster.

Finally, I used my new computer to take this photo of myself! It's a computer with a built-in camera. What a blast! I've been having fun playing with this new machine, though there's some work to do transferring things from my old computer and installing various other things. My DH and DD have been a huge help! Now that I can actually see the photos that you guys post on your blog, I'll do some catching up. I have missed you!


Gene Black said...

Yaay! A new computer and FINALLY a new post from YOU.
I hope you love the new computer as much as I love my new sewing machine.

Exuberant Color said...

I like Otto's quilt without the red first border. I like the way the black and white in the piecing runs into the border and lets each of the elements take center stage.

I'm glad you are able to see photos now. after all what is a blog without photos?

jillytacy said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed you! Computers are a wonderful thing when they're working when they aren't it's frustrating! Good thing you have some built in tech support!
Otto's quilt is fabulous! What a wonderful gift! The Red Cross quilt is beautiful. I love the story behind it too.

Vicki W said...

Welcome back! I love Otto's quilt and the fungly looks great. Looking at an individual block isn't the best impression but a lot of them in a quilt makes for a really happy quilt!

jacquie said...

welcome back....missed you!

em's scrapbag said...

Glad to have you up and running again. Your fungly is bright and cheery. Otto's is great fun. The Red Cross quilt show what is right with youth today. You tipsy is so creative. Happy Sewing. Em

Norma said...

I have been wondering if all was well with you! Glad to hear that it was the computer that was down and out.

Looks like you have kept busy......great quilts.

Kathie said...

that happened to me once I forgot to sew the inner border on
What I did was take the clover bias binding maker and made 1/2 binding and sewed in right on the quilt. It worked perfectly.
once you quilted the quilt it settled down and you really didn't notice it was applied afterward
for me I liked the bit of texture it provided anyway.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, love it. That sashing and posts on the fungly quilt are marvelous - they really pull the whole thing together. great job. otto's quilt is wonderful too! Glad to have you back!

Andrea said...

Hurray - welcome back. We've all missed you. Lovely quilts as always - especially the fungly - lol !

Pattie said...

I'm so glad you're able once again to post - yay for the new computer!

700 blankets in one day?? That's amazing!

Ok, I'm going to show my newbie-ness here, but what's an ATC? Your Tipsy is just darling, so whatever it is - I like it!

And finally... I’m so happy you posted a photo of yourself. What a beautiful smile! It's good to "see" who I'm talking with!

meggie said...

The quilt looks fine just the way it is! Love the way it appears to float.
Lucky you, with a computer that has a camera!
I missed you, while you were gone.

Clare said...

When computers are good they are very very good. When they are bad they are horrid!

Great new photo and *GREAT* to have you back.

Karol-Ann said...

So pleased you are back! Wow so many people quilting for Linus - looks fab and sounds amazing!
Well done on your tops - they look great!!!

paula, the quilter said...

That photo of you would work great as a profile photo!

Nettie said...

I was thinking the same thing as Paula. Great photo. Love your little ATC.

Cher said...

nothing beats a new computer! yippee for being back and able to enjoy all your online friends-what a great photo of yourself as well.