Friday, July 14, 2006

A pillow for PMac and an inspirational painting

We leave tomorrow for Vancouver and, since we need to get up early, I am of course staying up late. I decided to browse through old photos, always a rewarding experience. I came across two photos that seemed worth blogging.

It amazes me sometimes how undaunted my daughters are by doing something they don't know how to do -- and it seems that just by doing it they learn how to do it. That was the case with PMac's pillow, which Val made for her friend when they went off to different colleges. She'd never made a pillow before (never sewn before), but before long it was designed, appliqued, stitched, stuffed, and finally much appreciated by the recipient. How cool is that?

I took this photo at MOMA last November, Ellsworth Kelly's Colors for a Large Wall. It's the painting that inspired Jocelyn to make her first quilt -- again, undaunted by never having quilted before. You can see the quilt on an earlier post, here.

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Laurel S Holman said...

May they always be so fearless about trying new things.