Monday, April 07, 2008


So many memories! Wanda just posted on her blog about the autograph books she kept as a child and after seeing hers I just had to find mine. I had this when I was very little, I imagine because my older siblings had them and I wanted one, too. It looks like my book was homemade, though I could have sworn it looked like Wanda's red one! Maybe one of my sisters or brother had a red one (do you guys remember?).

I love the entires that my family wrote for 4-year-old Cheri. I can still feel how excited I was to have them all sign my book. How many of these ditties do you suppose were original, and how many were widely used? I know them all well, but of course that's because I grew up reading them in my autograph book. Here's Carolyn's entry, and I think she may be the one who put the book together.
Kathi wrote this on "May 9-1/2, 1956"! She expresses true sisterly sentiments.
My mother very sweetly entered this.
And finally my brother Ray put this in my book.


Anonymous said...
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Exuberant Color said...

Yours is pretty neat too. They bring back some great memories of people we have lost track of.

Michael5000 said...

So sweet!