Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Delightful Deadlines

As I was driving back from the post office after mailing these luscious reds to my Bull's Eye swap partners, it occurred to me that I need to keep track of my quilting commitments. Suddenly I have so many! The joys of retirement... :)
It will be a pleasure to delete my office calendar from my master Google calendar and replace it with a quilting calendar. I'll have such wonderful entries -- I can see them now: "marvelous mini-quilt due," "send off fabulous fabrics to partners," "take fun strings to worknight," "pick a project for quilting group." So much better than "boring 2-hr staff meeting," don't you think?

I'm still working on the rainbow strings I showed yesterday. Our guild's Project Linus stash has plenty of strings, and it seems that when you take out one, two replace it. It's one of those quilting miracles. I have been pulling from one of our baskets, and what a mess. But it seems to be my day for brilliant ideas (I'm counting my quilting calendar as brilliant), because I suddenly remembered the clothes rack!

I have used this for hanging strings before, and the rack resides neatly folded up in my quilting space, but I had completely forgotten about it. I got it out and pressed and hung my purple strings. It's so easy to find just the right one now! Why didn't I remember this before?


ROZ said...

OK, big piles of scraps--a quilter's idea of fun.

Quilt Pixie said...

oooo those reds are going to be so fun! I'm looking forward to getting my order in the mail so I can cut and mail blocks out to everyone soon :-)

Clare said...

Those reds sing.

Oh sugar (mild expletive (good Scrabble word that)). We had 2 of those clothes hangers in our old house and for some unexplicable reason they got left behind. They are ideal for showing off quilts.

Anonymous said...
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meggie said...

I have loved seeing all your quilting endeavours. That I spy is fabulous!!
Your strings look very nice, great idea to use the rainbow!

Thanks for visiting mine, & commenting.

Lisa said...

Those are very lucious colours - I don't know if I could have parted with them. The airing rack is a good idea for strips. I always start out well and end up in a mess.

anne bebbington said...

Using that rack for your strips is an inspired solution - very clever but simple as all the best ideas are :O)

susan said...

what a great idea! i could have used one when i was putting together a little quilt a couple days ago. i think that will be the object to look for at this summers yard sales!