Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Tis the season

'Tis the season when I can't post photos of what I'm making because everything's a gift! Fortunately, I received a gift myself.
Karol-Ann sent me these luscious African fabrics! Mine was the nearest guess for how many hexagons she showed, so I got first pick. It was a no-brainer -- I love African fabrics and have a tiny little collection of them. I have always admired what Karol-Ann has done with hers, so I grabbed the opportunity to enhance my stash with some of her wonderful fabrics. Thank you, Karol-Ann!

Today I sent off my gift to my Secret Santa Pal in Chookeyblue's swap. I absolutely love what I made! So did my family, and we were all very sorry to send it off. I do hope the recipient likes it as much as we do. As usual, I had wonderful plans for a free-pieced item, but made myself stop since I had vowed not to give away any more free piecing until I had made something free pieced for myself. Instead I chose a pattern I really like that gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills, including piecing a 3-D segment (as opposed to appliqueing something on top). Fun! I'll post the photo on Christmas.

Stitching the binding on my swap quilt reminded me that I don't put the binding on the way most people do. I stitch in the miters as I go. I love the finished look, and it means starting and stopping at a corner, so there are no ends to join on the side of the quilt. My closeups were blurry (I'm asking Santa for a tripod), so here's a shot of a corner on one of my quilts.
I learned this method when I took a class from Sharon Pederson. She has the instructions in both of her reversible quilts books. The only caveat I have is that you need to use a thread in your machine that matches the binding, as sometimes you can see the thread in the corner seams.


Catherine said...

Oooh -- those fabrics look amazing!! I hope you do a tutorial on your blog about the binding method. It's intriguing.

Clare said...

I'm always up for a new binding method. So far the only one which works for me is Bonnie's method so, yup, can we have a tutorial please.

Joyce said...

I have never heard of that binding method but I would love something that would give me better corners. I think you are gonig to have to do a tutorial, like it or not. Lol.

True Blue Nana said...

I with Joyce. You need to do a tutorial on that method of binding. I am struggling with binding these days. I love those fabrics. My mind is racing thinking of all the things you could do with them.

em's scrapbag said...

Simply love the African fabric. You lucky girl.

Libby said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the swap gift you sent out...sounds amazing. The fabrics are gorgeous - I love African fabrics too, but have yet to use more than a square or too for anything.

mama said...

Very funny !! I like to swap too!

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