Sunday, August 20, 2006

Consistency of taste & other news

I read somewhere once that if you buy only things you really love for your house, eventually you'll find that everything goes together, even though purchased independently. That's because your taste affects all your purchasing decisions. I seem to have very definite negative taste ("I don't like that"), but it's not clear to me that there is a cohesive style that captures what I do like. In any case, I laughed when Val gave me these great earrings on my birthday -- look at the quilt I was making at the time! I definitely like these!

And speaking of quilts I'm making, lesson 2 just went up yesterday for my QU classes. I have started stitching the celtic applique. I cheated and marked the design on my fabric with pencil. The instructor is afraid pencil won't wash out, but there are disadvantages to other marking methods, too. One student in our class marked hers, but the weather was humid, and when she picked it up to start stitching, all her markings had disappeared! Suzanne Marshall, who taught another applique class I took, marks everything in pencil, so I decided to do that. I marked well within the pattern lines to be sure the bias tape covers it up. Keep your fingers crossed!

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