Sunday, August 13, 2006

Will the rightful owner please speak up?

Even I need to clean out the knitting basket every now and then, and yesterday had a "now and then" feeling to it. I knew there were two things in it, both needing to be finished, but I was delighted to find that one needed only to be cast off and the other just needed some ends woven in. Hoorah! But what was that fuzzy black thing at the bottom? Another scarf, presumably knit by one of my offspring, but I am not sure which one (sorry guys!). Could you let me know?
Here's a close-up of the yarn in case that will jog anyone's memory. Nice, I really like it!

The Little Man was in a modeling mood, so he agreed to show off the other two scarves. I have these, plus a lovely one Val made me, and so I shall have to be certain to wear them this winter. I think what I need now is a thinner, cotton scarf that I can wear indoors. No one sees the outdoor scarves, or if they do, they are too busy stomping their feet and rubbing their arms to keep warm to notice.

Our Little Man was given to us by Brian's mother when we moved into our previous house. She bought him at a crafts fair in Florida and asked the vendor to send him directly to us. When he saw the address, he told her that his sister and brother-in-law, a professor at the UI, lived in the same town. Seven or eight years later I went to a PTA committee meeting at someone's home only to discover all sorts of little men (and little dogs and little cats and not-so-little men) like ours all over the house. Turns out the woman's brother had made our little man.

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Ender said...

Great scarves -- and I feel like the little wooden man has a modeling career ahead of him!

Val made that scarf, I think. Back in the day? I'm enjoying all the updates. :)