Monday, August 28, 2006

Hovering Hawks

"Hovering Hawks" sounds so dramatic, like something is about to swoop down from the sky. It's the name of the first block for my sampler in the Press for Success class. (Did I hear you groan at the pun?) The angularity of the block and the half-square triangles (HST's) look like hovering hawks, I guess, but the impact of the line is somewhat diminished by my fabric choice (see photo below). That's ok, however, as I love my fabrics and couldn't stand a sampler of traditional blocks in traditional fabrics.

Anyhow, we started by making a grid and stitching 1/4" from the diagonal lines to form HST's. Very cool!

Then we cut along the lines and pressed (very important!) carefully, and trimmed the blocks to exactly the same size. It really is easy to work with blocks that are exact.
And this is what the block looks like!

And, very important, this is what the back looks like. Nice and flat, no?

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Ender said...

that's gonna be one cute quilt. :)