Thursday, August 17, 2006

Watch your back

My Press for Success class at QU is wonderful! Myrna Giesbrecht, the instructor, does a fabulous job. This is the back of our first sampler project. It's a simple 1-patch, no problem, but by the time all the rows get joined, there are always some seams going in the wrong direction and you get lumpy messes at the intersections. Myrna has a pressing plan for everything, so we pressed half the blocks one way, half another, and different rows different ways, etc., until by the last two rows that we joined, every seam on the row matched perfectly, each side butting nicely with the other. (Doubleclick on the photo to enlarge it so you can see how flat everything is.) The back looks great, and in front, the points are all perfect! This is all the more amazing because I did not use even one single pin during this whole project. I still have to put on the two borders. (She has one on the sampler, but I'm using two because my fabrics need them.) I can't wait until we do flying geese blocks!

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