Friday, May 18, 2007

Graph paper on the brain

Ever notice how things seem to come in groups? I've been thinking about graph paper ever since posting about my little gridded notebook a couple days ago, and then last night while I was surfing Quiltville I came across Bonnie's Millennium Pyramids quilt and was smitten. She said the hardest part was drafting it, but at least she used triangle graph paper found "at most quilt shops." Triangle graph paper -- what a concept! Still, I was unconvinced that piecing rows of triangles would not be hard. I had a very difficult time with that when I was making Brian's office quilt (which I have not posted because I am still mad at those triangles!). But her way of cutting and piecing the triangles was something I had never seen and it looks so much easier than what I did. I will definitely try it.As I looked closely at Bonnie's quilt, a hexagon suddenly jumped out at me. Duh! Of course a hexagon would be there. So I mentally played around with it and wondered how you might piece a six-pointed star, a shape with which I am enamored, using her method. It would require drafting and considerable planning, but it could be done! I wanted to do it NOW. (Sometimes I am like a two-year-old.) I had no triangle graph paper. Internet to the rescue! I found a great site that offers Free Online Graph Paper. So I printed up a sheet of triangle graph paper and drew out a double six-pointed star. I'm going to color it and then go through my stash and piece it her way. Can't wait!

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