Monday, May 14, 2007

I won the lanterns!

What amazing good fortune! Thursday night was the block lotto drawing for the Japanese lantern blocks -- and I won ! Aren't they beautiful?I hope enough people sign up for the swap that it will be a go. I've never been in a swap, although I've tried. The two I signed up for had too few people. Same thing happens if I like a new TV show -- it won't last the season!

My friend Glennys thinks that miniature versions of these lanterns would be great on a purse. There's a bag challenge at the guild and she's thinking of doing that.

The kids know I love Asian fabrics -- look at these gorgeous half-yards they got me for Mother's Day!

Val drove down (yes, she has a CAR!) to Eddie's Quilting Bee, which I really miss, and picked these out. Since my very first quilt had used red and blue Asian fabrics, she chose 3 of each color. You can see they come in pairs. Thanks, girls! I love them.

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Laurel S Holman said...

What an awesome and thoughtful gift!