Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I don't do random...

...but I tried to tonight. It should be easy to grab a block and stick it up without any thought as to where it should go -- grab, plop; grab, plop; grab, plop -- but it isn't. I steeled myself and left the blocks where I first put them. But I needed a little control, so if two blocks were obviously wrong together, I avoided putting them next to each other in the first place. That got harder as the wall filled up. I'm going to let this sit a few days and fiddle with the layout after I've given this a chance. I'll need to make a few more blocks, too. Sorry the photo is so dark -- the sun had already gone down before I got the camera out, but the flash really distorted the colors.These flannels are so visually rich and so plush to the touch that I love working with them. I'm keeping this quilt -- can't get enough of it!

Things I've learned:
1 - My perfect quarter-inch seam is only perfect with the weight of cotton fabric I tested it on. This flannel is extremely thick, and my seams were off. Took me awhile to figure out the problem. Fortunately the block is simple and I can just trim them all up.
2- Just because you hate your project one minute doesn't mean you will not love it the next. Recognizing that such changeability is just part of the process is as hard as doing an almost-random layout.


floribunda said...

those flannels are looking luscious! and don't worry -- random will grow on you! thanks, for visiting my blog, too!

Helen said...

oh, this is beautiful! i made a throw pillow once but only used 4 of these types of squares. these blocks in the magnitude of this quilt top is just amazing!

it almost screams to have a matching piilowcase done, but with circles in a square. :)

Melzie said...

Very very pretty! Sorry they fell as I see in the next post LOL. Welcome to the Q4P ring! xoxo melzie