Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bunny Love

'Bunny ears' are those tiny triangles that stick out when you piece with triangles. I love them.

I had read or heard somewhere that they could be useful when joining rows, but I tried to use them when I made my first I Spy quilt and the result was disaster. The points didn't even come close to matching! I resorted to pushing a pin through the seam of both pieces, pinning on each side, and moving to the next one down the row. It took forever, and the end result, while better, was only okay. Pretty discouraging.
I think the problem was that I had made the hexagons by tracing around a template and cutting with scissors. The blocks were not the same size. Before I started this quilt, I put every piece back under the template and cut around it with one of those tiny rotary cutters. Still, I was joining rows with the time-consuming 3-pin method. But yesterday it occurred to me to give the bunny ear method another try -- and it worked! Hooray!
I love bunny ears. Is there an emoticon for those? =:-) How's that?


JoAnna said...

I love bunny ears too (I call em dog ears)! I actually have a mason jar next to my machine and I've been saving all of them for a year or so. No idea what I'll ever do with them, but the jar looks kinda cute.

I'm really jealous of your lanterns! They are so beautiful!

Su Bee said...

LOL -- Yep, I'm a dog ear lover too -- they come in pretty handy sometimes! Your eye-spy quilt is cute!

The Calico Cat said...

Nice selectin of I Spys - mine all seem to fall into one or two categories... Food & cats!