Sunday, June 17, 2007

Art in the park

It's been so hot (93 degrees today) here lately that we've been heading over to Meadowbrook Park early in the morning to get in some walking before we melt. This morning I brought my camera with me. The park is a prairie preserve and also a sculpture garden, with maybe two dozen sculptures scattered along a two-mile loop. For reasons I don't quite understand, this one seems very quilty to me -- perhaps because of the squares? These guys, directly across the path from the previous sculpture, have always been among my favorites. They're not particularly happy fellows, but I like them anyhow. The whimsical nature of both sculptures really appeals to me.

And of course, Mother Nature provided some beauty of her own. This graceful deer was breakfasting some thirty feet from us. Yesterday we suddenly came upon a deer only eight feet distant. We stared at him and he stared at us, then bent his head and continued to eat. It makes getting up early worth the effort!


Elaine Adair said...

Those pieces are so cooool! Wish our town would come up with something like that!

Hey, what WAS that medication? LOL

Libby said...

I love that park!!

So fun to have a neighbor in the blogosphere :)

Tonya R said...

very fun. 93 degrees? Aiyee. I'm glad it's not that hot here since we don't have central air.