Sunday, June 10, 2007

A red thumb

I wish I liked to garden. I do love gardens, I just don't enjoy the process of gardening, and I confess to some guilt about that -- like I'm deficient in spirit for not liking to dig in the earth. I have tried gardening with very mediocre results and I think of myself as having a brown thumb. But a couple years ago last November, some friends brought over three bare twigs with the unlikely claim that they were from their raspberry bush and stuck them into the ground behind our house. Incredible! Even I can't stop their frenzied growth (and why would I want to?). Such luscious berries, so full of flavor after the tasteless fruit from the grocery store. Although I'm sure I don't get credit for this -- people tell me I couldn't get rid of the bushes if I tried -- I now think of myself as having a red thumb. Well, maybe only rosy red, as I have never done well with tomatoes.

Every morning for the past week we trot out the back door and pick berries for breakfast. So delicious! We have so many this year that I may even try a berry pie, though as DH Brian says, why would I want to ruin them by cooking?

Dear California relatives, eat your hearts out! And if any of you grow raspberries out there, please don't tell me.

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Tonya R said...

I have a black thumb myself. Wow, those raspberries look delicious. yummy. That Linus quilt is going to be fun and bright. I don't know about sashing - something really strong and bright.