Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy week with Linus

It has been a very busy week getting ready for a Project Linus worknight. I'm chair of the Linus committee at my guild and it is far more work than I had anticipated, though I feel good about it. People have been extremely generous with fabric donations, although not all of it is really child-friendly (but we've been working on creative ways to incorporate that fabric into the quilts). This week we made Happy Houses.It was so much fun, although the sewing took no time compared to the hours I spent sorting through our fabric and cutting out the pieces. Do click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see all the people and animals in the doorways. If you're interested in making any Happy Houses yourself, I have links to the original directions and some simplified cutting info posted on the blog I keep for the guild's Linus projects. Click here for the instructions. I'm trying to decide on sashing -- all suggestions welcome!

The roof and sky are made by the quick corners method, which is easy but wasteful. One of the ladies stitched all the leftover triangle pairs into squares. We have a big block box where we put leftovers like this and eventually they get used in a quilt.

And finally, here I am in my very messy sewing space. Brian had put a new memory card in the camera and snapped this photo to be sure it was working. I'm putting the borders on the I Spy quilt I'm making for Laurel's kids. I trimmed the hexagons without incident, thank goodness, and hope to finish up the quilt this week. I'll post a photo soon.


Vicki W said...

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog before - but it's really nice. That quilt is cute, cute, cute! Love your big sewing space.

Marisa said...

These house blocks are beautiful, and if you think your sewing space is messy, think again!!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

So are you going to France?

I like your studio. I want pictures like

Elaine Adair said...

Oh those houses ARE happy! Any kid will LOVE them!

JoAnna said...

The houses are adorable. I love the characters in the doorways -- it's got a little "I spy" feeling about it.

I am so jealous of your raspberries. If you find that you have too many let me know! I heard raspberries were really temperamental, so congrats on your growing success!

Shelina said...

These houses are so cute, especially with the characters in the doorway. Makes me want to make one now.

Cheryl said...

Cheri, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week and leaving a comment! We bloggers love comments! ;)
Your sewing space is great!
When do you begin your summer travels?

Helen said...

You call that messy?? Wow, I'm impressed!

Lynda said...

As Project Linus rep myself, I can very much relate to some donated fabrics not exactly being child-friendly! Still, I always remember the reason people give fabric away, is because they don't want it, so there you go! I love the happy houses blocks, and will take a look at the links for the pattern. I think you could sneak in a few 'un-childfriendly' fabrics with the brights and no one would notice!
Incidentally, I made lots of gingerbread men blocks with asorted grotty brown scraps, and they have made lovely quilts. It's all a question of thinking outside the box, and then selling the really unsuitable fabrics to buy wadding!