Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why can't yellow be spelled like Jello? (or why I sometimes get takeout for dinner)

I guess I could have also called this post "ow"!The o went together so fast that I thought I was on a roll, but the w ... let's just say I have a larger scrap pile than I used to! It took a loooong time, and now I wish I had made the little inner strokes wider. I had hoped to move on to another color word and if I hadn't made the mistake of checking the time, I would have. I almost did anyhow (love that Chinese takout), but I have been hankering for slow-roasted tomatoes and I had promised myself to get them into the oven for tonight. Brian came home with some amazing bread from Mirabelle's, and that with the tomatoes will be a to-die-for combo. They're in the oven now.
I have been working hard to finish up my I Spy this week, and Saturday we had a Project Linus workday, but my Stroop quilt has been in my mind the whole time. I am now thinking that I will try to make some small color words, too. Should be fun to do and will make for an interesting quilt. The Stroop effect must be pretty strong -- as I was thinking about how to make the w, I kept seeing it in yellow. I remembered that I had made the word red, but I couldn't remember what color I had chosen to make it! Odd, isn't it?

I thought I'd also share these two useful tools with you. Someone suggested using a toilet brush (a clean toilet brush) to pick threads up off the carpet. My sewing space is mostly uncarpeted, but I have one small rug and it gets really thready -- the brush works pretty well. I got the Cotton Picker at the Chicago Quilt Show and it's fantastic -- just swipe it over cloth and all the little quilt droppings (as my husband calls them) stick to it like a charm.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy making it - but that's a great W. I like the way you made it - I'll have to try it myself. mmm, chinese takeout sounds good but so do the roast tomatoes.

The Calico Cat said...

Please share the recipe... I mande beef stuffed tomatos last night - yummy!

Belvie said...

Tomatoes? You said tomatoes! I love tomatoes! Please share about slow-roasted tomatoes as I have never prepared them. They often get eaten before I make it into the house with them.

Your "W" looks very nice to me.