Friday, June 15, 2007


My younger daughter Val is home visiting for a few days (hoorah!) so most of my free time is spent with her, but I managed to find a few minutes today to get back to my Stroop quilt. The letters are not sewn together, but I laid them out on the background fabric for this photo. The scale is uneven, but I'm just leaving it for now and after awhile I'll figure out what I like and what I don't. The pink color is more true in this photo than in the one above:
I've been using Tonya's tutorial, but as her basic message is play, play, play, I haven't followed it to the letter (pardon the pun). I put an angled line in the y just to see what it would look like. I made one straight l and one angled l, but it turned out less angled than I had anticipated. I have found that to be a common problem for me. The angle always feels much bigger when I'm cutting and stitching than it appears when it's done.

I'll add the ow soon (the o looks easy but the w is a tad intimidating). Leaving it as yell for now has some merit. I had a rather unpleasant week at work and a bit of yelling might have been cathartic, if not productive in the long run. I did take today off to be with Val, however, and that was very nice. Actually, a couple days ago I wanted to work on my letters and found I was too keyed up to concentrate. I just wanted straight line sewing. Today when I started working, I was sorry I hadn't attempted the letters because they are so much fun that it would have been good for me.

And I found myself remembering that my dad once took some medication that made him see things in the wrong colors. His first clue to the problem was when he noticed a pink schoolbus on the road!


Libby said...

Ever since I read your post about this, I can't stop thinking about it - so fascinating! Makes a very interesting quilt, in more ways than one.

Tonya R said...

That is a great Y - I don't thing I've made one like it.Will have to borrow that idea. You know you can make a W like a capital E - very easy. Pink schoolbuses - uh oh. Hope there weren't pink elephants too. Enjoy your daughter's visit.

Clare said...

The Y is lovely. My first one was teh wrong way round.

Don't do what I do (shut your eyes Tonya) and cut the angle on the backing fabric, cut the letter fabric, loose one of the pieces of the backing fabric in the detritus on the sewing table, start all over again and then find the first piece. Also I don't cut enough material and end up loosing part of the letter in the seam. Doh!