Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flowers for Mozart

Last week on Simply Quilts, one of the guests complained that naming her quilts had become such a chore that now she just gives them girls' names in alphabetical order (like hurricanes!). She and I must come from different planets. Naming a quilt is right up there with quilting itself. Sometimes I work long and hard on the name, and sometimes it just comes. Here's one that came prematurely, while I was still selecting fabrics, and then proved wrong... and then right again. I found the fabrics together, designed for each other, and even though I normally don't go for this style print -- and certainly not for this particular color of green -- I was completely taken in this time. The fabric that first caught my attention was a rosy pink with tiny black musical scores all over it. That was going to be an important fabric in the quilt, and with the floral print, the name Flowers for Mozart just popped into my head and that was it. Before I continue, look at the quilt:

Do you see that rosy pink with the musical notes? I hope not, because it's not there! As I was working out the quilt design, it just didn't fit. I finally decided it would make a great binding. But guess what...when I auditioned it, it didn't work there either! The fabric is still in my stash, waiting for the right quilt. But I was enamored of the name and wouldn't give it up. And then, yay! As I was finishing piecing, I noticed (how could I have missed it before?), that the floral print has tiny, pale little snippets of musical notation in it. Perfect! The name that felt so right was right after all!

I made this quilt in Begin with Bev I. I like the pattern, I like the fabrics, and I like the quilt -- but it's too small for anything. It's not the sort to hang on a wall, and it's too small really to be much of a quilt to cuddle under. Brian doesn't care for the colors or even the style particularly, and so between its lack of functionality and its lack of coordination with all the other colors in the house, it now sits in the closet. Perhaps I will give it to a baby at some time. Maybe the musical notes will give it sweet dreams.

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