Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fruit Basket Upset

Have you looked at the post on Japanese Lightening, my first quilt? I was going to make that quilt with some of these fruit and vegetable fabrics, then decided it wouldn't work. I'm not sure why I decided that, but I did, and I do like the Japanese fabrics I chose instead. But I had purchased these fabrics and every time I went to Eddie's Quilting Bee, I bought another. I'm a dietitian and guess I'm just naturally drawn to the beautiful colors of nature's bounty.

Sharon Pederson, author of Reversible Quilts, came to Eddie's and I took a class from her. She's a wonderful teacher! I never finished the table runner (for a variety of reasons, but maybe I will one day), but I loved the method. I have her book More Reversible Quilts and she has a fast and easy charity quilt pattern in it. That's the pattern I used for this. I wanted to try the pattern for Project Linus, but it suddenly dawned on me that the five stripes were perfect for a rainbow of colorful foods! Of course, I didn't have enough of all the fabrics I needed. I was able to order more through internet stores (there was none available locally any longer). I couldn't find more of the plum fabric online anywhere, but posted a request on the RJR Fabric website. I could hardly believe my good fortune when a fellow quilter replied with a source for that fabric!

This is the back of the quilt. It's reversible, but I think of the other side as the front.

I played around with a variety of names for this quilt. Family members helped (well, sometimes they helped and sometimes they got silly -- Val came up with Agribusiness as a title!), but the old childhood game of Fruit Basket Upset won out.

The quilt is not finished. It would lack only a binding, but I have decided to add a border of cherries on the front and watermelons on the back. I'll post more when I get it done!


Ender said...

Great looking quilt! I'm enjoying reading the blog lots ... But it seems like there is one QIP (quilt in progress) that is missing, no??

Oh, and who is this wonderful daughter who set it up for you? She must be skilled, beautiful, and kind.

jovaliquilts said...

Indeed, JJ, she is a skilled, beautiful, and kind daughter. The QIP you mentioned will be posted shortly. :)