Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Val's Quilt

Here are the fabrics for Val's quilt! As you can see, there are four groups of four -- light purple and dark purple, light teal and dark teal. She's chosen a snail's tail/monkey wrench pattern (I've seen it called both, and I've seen each of those names applied to another design, too, so her pattern is the one that goes by both names). If you are unfamiliar with the design, I'll post a block once it's made. It will look great with all these colors!

This photo has the four groups of fabrics with the backing fabric in the middle. It's a batik flannel -- with both teal and purple! How great is that?! It feels buttery soft to the touch, a really warm, cuddly backing.

1 comment:

Ender said...

Those are some sweet fabrics! This should be a very pretty quilt. I am excited to see how it will be lain out! (Out how it will be lain?)

However, I do think that a certain mother should remember that she started a certain OTHER daughter's quilt first, and so maybe it should be finished before Val's.

Just kidding! Kind of. :) I can't wait!