Thursday, September 08, 2005

JJ's African Coins (QIP)

I'm making this quilt for my daughter Jocelyn, aka JJ. It's a QIP (quilt in progress). We were looking for a pattern and as soon as she saw a photo of this quilt, she knew it was The One. It was in the Fall 2005 issue of Quilt magazine, but unfortunately no pattern was given. Since the design came from A World of Quilts by Beth Ann Williams, I ordered a copy of the book. But we got lucky! When Beth Ann Williams was on Simply Quilts, this is the quilt she demonstrated. We found the directions on the HGTV website and were able to buy fabric before the book arrived.

This photo was taken outside and the colors look washed out (too sunny, I guess), but at least you can see the full length. (The photo is sideways - I can't seem to load it when I have have it lengthwise.)

Buying fabric was an amazing experience. It was so exciting to look at all those wonderful batiks and ethnic prints and actually get to buy them! We went to our LQS, Sew Sassy, to look. When I told them we wanted one-eighth yard each of 49 different fabrics, I thought they might faint, but they were very cheerful about it. Still, I'm afraid they will run for cover next time they see me coming.

Here you can see a few of the fabrics close up (well, closer than in the other photos). The next step is to cut this into 5 strips to put in lengthwise pieced sashing. I don't know how I'll get the nerve to cut it.

I didn't know where the name African Coins came from -- the strips sure don't look like coins -- but then I remembered seeing a Chinese Coins quilt that had the same strip piecing with vertical sashing. So that explains the name, but now I wonder where the name Chinese Coins came from ...

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